Crypto Node Group


To date, it's no secret that the development of the modern world of digital currencies is entirely dependent on interaction not only professional programmers but also enthusiasts and ordinary people who use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as payment methods. We invite all those who believe in the future prospects of cryptocurrency, which will come to replace conventional money. We aim to become a part of the team that administers the fate of the global online payment system. That is why Crypto Node Group offers partnership to all those who are not an expert in applying of cryptocurrency or its trade and take advantage of the benefits of our trust management. The company is focused on maximizing of profits but at the same time accurately tracks trends for future development and reducing the risk of loss of current assets.

We have carefully analyzed the international financial market and take into account all the preferences of investors to offer the best service with the most advanced and handy tools that will undoubtedly make our project a simple, intuitive and attractive to proponents of online earnings. We guarantee timely accrual in accordance with the chosen investment strategy and automatic payout. When choosing Crypto Node Group, you gain a reliable financial partner for many years.

Primarily Sources of income


Cryptocurrency Mining

We have been operating Bitcoin mining since 2015. Experience in this field has brought us into the process of mining the most profitable algorithms on the most advantageous devices.

  • Mining algorithm Sha256 (Bitcoin) on Bitmain Antminer S9. 
  • Mining algorithm Ethash (Ethereum) on GPU AMD 580 8GB. At the present time, we are mining cryptocurrencies at the price of energy $0.04 per kW/h.

Cryptocurrency staking 

We also profit from cryptocurrencies staking amd earn dividends from masternodes. We especially staking these cryptocurrencies: NEO(NEO), Vechain(VEN), Zencash(ZEN), Dash(DASH), Crown(CRW). The company achieves from mining, trading and staking cryptocurrencies profitability over 300% per year.

Cryptocurrency trading

Our company use the unique techniques of gaining profit from trading cryptocurrencies. The profits from cryptocurrencies trading are mostly formed by long-term positions. In these long-term positions, we use several trading tools such as Relative Strenght Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands (BB) and more. Our company trading especially with these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Monero(XMR), IOTA(IOT), Vechain(VEN), Nebulas(NAS).

Vision for the years 2018 - 2021

We want to gradually integrate other sources of income into our company: - Purchase and leading hydroelectric power station that even more reduce energy costs on mining cryptocurrencies. - Opening our online casino and sports betting. Our business is built around our customers. So every bit of our knowledge and expertise is passed down to you through our service. We commit to the continuous development and improvement of our service with the goal of providing a consistent return on your capital far into the future.